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Bringing faith to life

...in tune with the

cá cược siêu cúp tây ban nha

Please note that 2019-2020 resources are NOW available to order.
Please take care in selecting the year of the pack you require.
Prices at the "order" page do not include GST but GST will be added at the shopping cart stage.

Seasons Catalogue 2020


Seasons of the Spirit is a lectionary-based resource created in community with congregations representing different denominations from Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Read the Theological and Education Foundation paper for more information, or view and download samples.

Seasons of the Spirit includes resources for the whole church. Leaders will find a wealth of ideas and help in the SeasonsFUSION resource, while the SeasonsENCORE Age-Level resources span birth to adult.

You can order seasonal resources in any combination of delivery formats (on the web, in print, or on disk)  on this site!


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